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Using Social Media Marketing to Improve Your ROI

By Michael Pingree Many businesses are recognizing that social media networks can be used as an effective tool to promote their services and products. Their likely question is wondering exactly how to ensure they will have a significant return on

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Using Facebook for Social Media Marketing

By Michael Pingreee How do you market on Facebook? When you do social media marketing on Facebook I suggest you focus on each of three words separately. Let me explain what I mean. You need to look at your social

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3 Ways to Get Facebook Fans

facebook like and share

Every business wants more facebook fans. Well, there are three ways to add them; organic, buy or ads/promotions. The first way, organic, is better known as the “beg and plead” method. This is where you beg all of your family,

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Content Curation Overview

The biggest challenge most marketers have is keeping a steady stream of content in the pipeline. For many years, original content was the objective. Now, with some much content already out there, many are asking why we should be creating

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You Shouldn’t Always Be Selling

A perfect example of why you shouldn’t always be selling on facebook… Related articles Top 5 Sites for Social Media Marketing 3 Ways Online Content Marketing Can Do More to Enable Sales Build a Brand Content Empire: What You Can

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