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Using Facebook to Market Your Small Business

By Michael Pingree Facebook is by far the most popular social media site out there. A movie has even been made about the founder. That is why it is a perfect place for you to market your business and interact

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Facebook Timeline Promos Are Now Legal

facebook like and share

Jon Loomer details pretty well the changes to facebooks promotion guidelines. While it does make it easier to do, what the the pros/cons of doing so… on the Pro side: Write a post, get engagement, pick a winner, fulfill the

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Your Hootsuite Dashboard: Tabs and Streams

As Sam Milbrath of Hootsuite shows, tabs and streams are a critical element of your dashboard organization. When you first start adding and organizing your social media networks, apps and search terms within the HootSuite dashboard, things can get a

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GM Embraces Customer Service on Twitter

Amina Elahi, a freelance journalist from Chicago, shows how GM uses dedicated twitter handles to execute customer service for each of GM’s brands. For the article, she interviewed  Michael Savoni, the company’s social media business process lead. According to Savoni, customer

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Opportunity Cost is…

the time spent doing something you are not very good at instead of spending that time doing the things you ARE very good at.  Don’t let social media be your opportunity cost. Let me help you turn social media into

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5 Rules, No Make That 4 Rules, That Can Get Your Page Banned on Facebook

Getting banned on facebook

As  Jim Belosic’s post shows, Facebooks rules on what you can do with your page are ever changing. Sure, you see your competitor breaking these rules all of the time so you figure “why not?” Worse yet, you are saying “what

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Content Curation Overview

The biggest challenge most marketers have is keeping a steady stream of content in the pipeline. For many years, original content was the objective. Now, with some much content already out there, many are asking why we should be creating

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