Can You Post Too Little On Facebook?

Oh heck Yes! This one drives me nuts when someone says that if you post more than 2-3 times per month your fans will drop you. I try to explain the affinity element of Facebook’s edgerank, only to get a blank stare. If your fans do not engage with your content within about 10 days, their affinity score drops dramatically and your content will show on their page much less often.

One of my clients was posting about 3 times per month before I took over. During the past three month, I have been posting about 1.3x per day and here are the results: average per post reach UP 381%, viral reach UP 2400%, impressions UP 315% and engagement UP 200%.

Obviously, the quality of the content matters. Sure, some of the posts have been flops, but over time we are seeing exactly what type of content our fans like the best.

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