GM Embraces Customer Service on Twitter

Amina Elahi, a freelance journalist from Chicago, shows how GM uses dedicated twitter handles to execute customer service for each of GM’s brands. For the article, she interviewed  Michael Savoni, the company’s social media business process lead.

According to Savoni, customer service on Twitter is as much about listening to existing conversations as it is about reaching out yourself. In GM’s command center, social media agents track social chatter across numerous screens, where they follow everything from specific brand mentions to tweets about searching for a new car.

Savoni emphasizes that the brand must be friendly and helpful when dealing with people.

In a typical customer case, the customer is not coming with a major problem, they’re just looking for something that they can get a little bit of help with. From a pre-sale perspective, it is a very fun conversation,” Savoni says. “We want our agents to get in there and have a little fun with them.

Read the original article at SproutInsights.

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