4 Compelling Reasons Why Contests Must Be Part of Your Facebook Strategy

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By Michael Pingree

Facebook contests and sweepstakes are an often overlooked marketing tool for any brand operating on the platform. There are so many benefits to using them that they cannot be overlooked any longer.

1. Contests and Sweepstakes Are a Great Way to Grow Your Fan Count

There is no quicker way to grow you fan count than to offer a contest where you fangate the entry form. What is fangating? Fangating is the process of blocking of access to the entry form unless the person is a FAN of your brand page.

2. Contests and Sweepstakes Help You Build Your Email List

One of the biggest benefits of running a contest using a 3rd party app is that it enables you to collect data from the entrant as a condition of entry.  For example, you can have each entrant enter their email address into the form as the entry mechanism. If you are giving away a prize that is relevant to your business, you will have at the end of the contest a list of email address that you can download of prospects that have already demonstrated interest in your product/service.

3.  Turn Contests into Viral Marketing Tools

Who wouldn’t like to have hundreds or thousands of your fans marketing your business for you? Most 3rd party apps have some kind of viral element built into them. For example, with a sweepstakes, once I enter I am given a dedicated link to share with my friends. Why would I do that? Because for each of my friends that LIKE the brands page, I am given a number of ADDITIONAL entries into the sweepstakes. I have seen them range from 1 to 10 additional entries, FOR EACH FRIEND. Talk about motivation to share.

4. Easy Way to Engage Your Friends

When you run a photo/video contest where your fans upload their user generated content, you enable not only a deeper connection with your brand but also the benefits of allowing your fans to have their “15 minutes of fame” as well.

BONUS REASON: The ROI of Contests Can Be Really Good

The ROI of contests can be very good. It is not uncommon to see fan counts grow by 2X or more. I just saw a promotion that gave away a product WITH a purchase of $XX from their retail store. Not only did they add fans, but they converted them to real dollar purchases as well.

A contest, like any tool, is a valuable part of any well rounded social media marketing campaign. Just be sure to do your due diligence and make sure you are complying with all rules and regulations.  A contest, whether online or anywhere else, has to follow the rules.

About Pinson Digital

Founded in April 2009, Pinson Digital is a Salem, OR based social media consulting and coaching company that helps small to mid-size businesses develop, deploy and analyze social media strategies.

Pinson Digital’s services include both coach and day-to-day management of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and blogs for brands as well as social advertising, social contests, graphic design and strategic development.

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