Five Frequent Facebook Errors Marketers Make

Now that an increasing number of companies are rushing to establish presence within the world of social media, a great number of them do so with impatience and wind up making careless mistakes in their haste to get a foot in the door. Regrettably, doing so means they can commit errors that pulls the carpet from their possible social media success. Read on for five of the most common mistakes you want to avoid in social media marketing.

Make sure that you post both updates and content regularly. Your posts should be about happenings within your business and industry, as well as facts that are interesting and photos or videos that might be entertaining. Only put up content that is fresh and original. If followers see or realize that you share someone else’s content, they will dump you and just follow them to avoid having duplicate content in their feeds.

Never be petty or unprofessional in your content or any of your posts. As a matter of fact, while a conversational tone is good, never get too personal either. Avoid politics at all costs. You want individuals from all beliefs and walks of life to feel good about communicating with your business. If you are unprofessional on Facebook, how can they trust you to be professional in an actual financial transaction?

Always make sure that everything you post is interesting to your readers, but it should also be relevant to what you do. It is easy to search the Internet for fascinating things to post on Facebook, but every time you update your business Facebook account, your readers should feel like you really are an established authority within your field.

Pay attention to your competitors. Learn what their specific social media tactics are, and if you see them doing one regularly, assume that it works. Duplicate it in some form yourself and put it to play. Also pay attention to any complaints, negative comments and displeased feedback they get from their clients. These can point out areas of improvement for your competitors, which are features you can make selling points of your own business.

When your customers post to your wall, always respond. Often, this can just be Liking their comments. Never fear getting into conversations though. Customers love knowing that one person behind a company is paying attention to them on a personal level, as it humanizes the brand you represent. Anytime a serious query, comment or complaint is posted, respond to it professionally and within 24 hours. Your customers will keep coming back to your Facebook page if they know they can get directly in touch with someone.

If you want your business to find success thanks to social media, you need all parties involved to be on the same page in regards to the needed steps and precautions to be taken. When you deliberately avoid the five mistakes listed here, you will have a sound strategy towards success in social media. Enjoy your useful online reputation and the regular revenues from repeat clientele that follow.


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