3 Ways to Get Facebook Fans

Every business wants more facebook fans. Well, there are three ways to add them; organic, buy or ads/promotions.

The first way, organic, is better known as the “beg and plead” method. This is where you beg all of your family, friends, clients, 3rd grade classmates and strangers on the street to like your page. Nothing wrong with this. Every small business page starts out like this. The only downside is that the fans you end up with MIGHT not be interested in BUYING your product/service. Still, everyone has to start somewhere. Just be prepared for the long haul as this method is very SLOOOOOW.

The second way is to go to a site like fivrr and pay $50 for 5000 fans. Sure your page will look impressive and people will think “wow, they must be really good to have all those fan” but really, most of them will be fake accounts and you’ll never close a single sale from any of them.

The third, and BEST method, is using a contest with a fangate element to attract people. The type of prize matters too. Offer a prize that has nothing to do with your business and you’ll end up with fans of little value. Offer a prize related to your business and not only will you have targeted fans, but you’ll also have a list of email addresses of people interested in your product (you did require an email for entry didn’t you?).

Any of the above methods WILL grow your fan count, but only option 3 will be of any benefit to you.

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One comment on “3 Ways to Get Facebook Fans
  1. Great blog post! Glad we had a few separate suggestions! 🙂

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