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Top 5 Sites for Social Media Marketing

By Michael Pingree Social media is sweeping the internet as the next big and important think when it comes to reaching out to customers and potential customers and improving brand image. Many new social medial sites pop up all the

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Mark Your Calendar! 9 Shopping Days Businesses Must Know About this Holiday Season – SociallyStacked – Everything Social for Small Businesses and Agencies

See on – Michael Pingree’s Facebook Report When most business owners plan their sales and promotions for the holiday season, they think about the two biggest shopping days of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While these days

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10 Steps To Ethical Content Curation

See on – Michael Pingree’s Facebook Report Curation is nothing new, but online content curation is still in its early stages. Many content marketers are still unsure about what constitutes ethical content curation. If you’re in this group, …

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Using Social Media Marketing to Improve Your ROI

By Michael Pingree Many businesses are recognizing that social media networks can be used as an effective tool to promote their services and products. Their likely question is wondering exactly how to ensure they will have a significant return on

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Tips to Prevent Cheating on Your Facebook Contest

See on – Michael Pingree’s Facebook Report Michael Pingree‘s insight: Cheating can be a big problem on some types of contests, especially those with high value prizes. It’s best to take every precaution available. See on

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