Using Social Media to Sell Your Products

By Michael Pingree

Social media is a very efficient tool you should think about using to promote your business. Keep reading to learn more about how you could boost your sales thanks to social media.

Developing a strong presence on social media could help you boost your sales if you focus on sharing content that will help you generate interest for your products. Use social media to share pictures of your products, videos where you demonstrate products or product reviews. You could also share information about incentives such as coupon codes. Not all your updates should directly be about your products but you can share three to four updates about your products a week.

Encourage customers to display the products they purchased on social media. You could, for instance, organize contests and require customers to share pictures or videos of the products they purchased. Ask customers to tag your page in their submission so you can easily share their content. This is an excellent way to expose the friends of your customers to your content since they will see the submission the customer posted. If you develop a strong branding strategy, customers will share pictures of your products and tag you in their updates to improve their image.

Use social media to interact with your audience. You should list social media as a way of contacting you on your website and on your business cards. Let people know they can send you any question they have about your products by tagging your page in an update or directly writing on your page if the social network you use gives them this option. Answer to all the questions you get as quickly as possible, and do not hesitate to share links to your website for potential customers to find more information.

You do not have to mention products directly to generate sales. You should use social media to share content that is informative and educational as well, such as tutorials, tips and blog articles on topics your audience will be interested in. You can generate interest for your products by mentioning products in these articles, placing links to your product pages or adding a banner featuring a product on the page you are linking to. This is a good way to generate attention for your products without constantly sharing updates that look like ads on social media.

Set some goals for your social media marketing campaign. Focus on your conversion rate instead of the number of subscribers you have. Having a large number of subscribers means more potential customers, but you should not spend your time and resources on getting people to subscribe to your social media updates if they are not likely to purchase your products. You should use visitor counters, surveys and share unique coupon codes on social media so you can keep track of how many people purchase a product after seeing your social media updates.

These social media marketing tips will help you generate more sales. You should use them to make some changes to your current campaign and you will soon get better results from your social media marketing projects.

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